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STEMtrunk: The Subscription Rental Box for High Quality STEM Toys

STEM (abbreviation):  An interdisciplinary approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Educator Approved

Every STEMtrunk has been looked over, reviewed, and approved by our teacher superstars to help accelerate your child’s at-home learning of STEM skills.

Budget Friendly

Thousands of dollars’ worth of the best STEM teaching toys and tools for your child at a fraction of the cost–as low as $39 a month.

Stop Toy Boredom

Stop worrying about buying expensive educational toys that will end up gathering dust in the closet after a few months. STEMtrunk keeps it fresh with new deliveries on your own schedule.

Thank YOU for making STEMtrunk a reality.

On April 1st, 2018, our Indiegogo campaign closed out at 105%. 102 individuals, families, and schools helped this dream of ours come true and now we get to bring our service to you.

If all goes as planned we’ll be shipping products in May! Emails will be sent out as soon as possible to find out your product interests.

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You can keep any trunk for as long as you like!
Once you’re done, all you have to do is send it back in order to get a new one of your choosing.

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