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After school. On Campus. STEM Strong! 

STEMtrunk’s after school enrichment classes offer students hands-on learning opportunities with some of the coolest STEM gear around! From robots to drones and beyond, take learning to the next level – without ever leaving campus!

Intro to Robotics

Understanding how computer programs work is a key skill for the STEM jobs of tomorrow. In this class we provide a fun, hands-on introduction to what it means to write, debug, and execute computer programs! We start low-tech – creating and running “human programs” and work our way up to utilizing and programming the popular Sphero robot, SPRK+.

Grades 3-5 | No prior programming experience necessary!

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Crazy Circuits

What makes a light bulb light up? How does solar power work? Why does a motor turn? Explore all this and more in a hand-on class where we use Snap Circuits and other materials to explore the world of electricity. Great for future hardware designers, electrical engineers and do-it-yourself tinkerers!

Grades 2-4

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Drone Academy

Learn the fundamentals of flight (and some basic coding skills!) as we explore the skies with the Parrot Mambo. Students will get a deeper understanding into what keeps planes and drones in the air, and how to navigate objects in a 3D world as they go hands-on with the top educational drones in the industry. Students will learn fundamentals of coding as we program commands using the Blockly programming language developed by Google.

Grades 4-7

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Maker Minecraft (Coming Soon!)

Maker Minecraft combines aspects of both hardware and software into one comprehensive class! Using the Kano – a Raspberry Pi 3 based computer – students will assemble their own working computer system complete with 10 inch screen, and then learn coding skills by hacking Minecraft Edu!

Grades 3+ | No prior programming experience necessary!

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LEGO Mindstorm Masters (Coming Soon!)

For almost 20 years, LEGO has been the leader in build-able educational robots. Combining gears, wheels, motors and the command center, the Mindstorm EV3 is the latest edition to the comprehensive system used in schools around the world, from elementary schools to colleges. Check back soon as we develop our LEGO robotics curriculum for more!

Grades 6-8

More to come!

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