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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the STEMtrunks be clean when I get them? 2017-06-01T09:36:54+00:00

Yes! We use a hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide-based solution to clean everything in your STEMtrunk before it gets to you. No bleach is used!

How many children does each STEMtrunk support? 2017-05-31T13:09:14+00:00

Each STEMtrunk shipment comes with one product which you pre-select. This is intended for one child… but some children are better at sharing than others! We won’t mind if you share between siblings!

Do you ship worldwide? 2017-05-31T13:08:03+00:00

During our launch, STEMtrunk will only be available in the United States. Looking to expand to more countries soon!

Can I get any kit with my current subscription? 2017-07-05T15:19:27+00:00

Absolutely! Just keep in mind how many credits each trunk costs. More expensive items often cost more credits.

If you have a 2 credit per month plan, and you wish to receive a trunk that has a 3 credit cost, you can do one of two things:

  1. Wait until you get more credits – every month on your billing cycle you will be allocated credits based on your plan. You can save these credits for larger items.
  2. Purchase “Extra Credit” – If you are short a credit, you can purchase extra at $15 per credit and apply it to your rental. Remember though – it is cheaper to change to the 3 credit per month plan than to purchase an extra credit each month!
Can I purchase the items that I currently have? 2017-05-31T13:05:34+00:00

We’re glad you are loving your STEMtrunk! We plan to eventually have a “pay to keep” feature, however we have not released this feature yet. Until then, we would encourage you to go directly to the manufacturer’s website and purchase from them. Sometimes you will even find a coupon in your trunk for a discount!

What methods of payment do you accept? 2017-05-31T13:00:59+00:00

STEMtrunk accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not at this time accept pre-paid credit cards, or ATM/debit cards, even if they have a credit card logo.

Why STEM and not STEAM? 2017-05-31T13:00:48+00:00

It’s not uncommon in education today to see the STEM acronym changed to STEAM. The added A? It stands for the Arts. We love art just as much as we love robots, and plan on adding some trunks that will play in the merger of art and technology. The real reason we are STEMtrunk and not STEAMtrunk is simply because a Steamtrunk is a real thing – an antique shipping container that frankly is pretty cool. The only problem about naming a company after a thing that already exists… it makes it really hard for your customers to find you on Google!

What happens to my unused credits if I cancel? 2017-05-31T13:00:43+00:00

By canceling your STEMtrunk subscription, you will lose your accumulated credits. Just want to pause for a few months? Contact us and we can work something out.

Can I purchase a subscription to STEMtrunk as a gift? 2017-05-31T12:59:16+00:00

Absolutely! STEMtrunk makes the perfect gift for the curious child in your life. Simply choose a shipping address that is different than the billing address. You can select the first kit, or ask us to contact them and setup their trunk queue.

What happens if I lose my shipping box? 2017-05-31T12:59:06+00:00

If you lose your shipping box or return label, please let us know. STEMtrunk can send you a new shipping label if you misplace yours. You may use your own packaging to send back your equipment if you misplace your STEMtrunk box. (Just please make sure to protect it for the journey!)

What are credits? 2017-05-31T12:57:44+00:00

Depending on your subscription level, you will receive a certain number of credits each month you can use to get new STEMtrunk kits. As long as you have a subscription, these credits will never expire. Each STEMtrunk has a credit cost associated with it. When you receive a new kit, the credit cost will be deducted from your total.

If you return a trunk, and do not have any credits available, your next shipment will be delayed until more credits become available with your monthly allotment or if you purchase additional extra credits.

What happens if I lose or break parts? 2018-02-23T14:51:24+00:00

Each STEMtrunk kit is checked for completeness and made sure to be in working condition before being shipped. If a trunk does not work, please return it and fill out the “broken item” form found in your trunk. Customers will not be charged for normal wear and tear or the occasional loss of small parts such as individual LEGO pieces.

Major damage to kits caused by inappropriate usage, water damage, traumatic breakage (dropping, throwing, etc), or loss of major components will be subject to damage costs up to the full MSRP of the trunk.

How many kits can I get every month? 2017-05-31T12:58:17+00:00

As many as you want! The number of kits is limited only by the number of credits you have available. Each new trunk after your first will incur the standard shipping fee. Additional credits on top of your normal monthly allotment may be purchased in the store.

If you wish to have more than one kit at a time for siblings – please contact us directly and we can help you set that up.