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How It Works

From our door to yours!

Just what are credits and how do they work?

Hey there! Credits are what you use to get STEMtrunks!¬†Depending on your subscription level, you’ll get 2 or 3 credits each month. Each trunk has an associated credit cost, and when you are shipped a new one, the credits will be deducted from your account total.

If you return a trunk and do not have any credits available, your next shipment will be delayed until your account gets more credits with your monthly bill or until you purchase extra credits.

In order to get trunks that cost more than 2 or 3 credits, you have 2 options:

  • Save up! The longer you keep the same STEMtrunk with you, the more credits your account will accrue. Try keeping a lower-costing trunk for at least two months.
  • Extra credit! If you are short a credit, you have the option to buy an extra and apply it to your rental. Remember though–it is cheaper to switch over to the 3 credits plan than to purchase an extra each month!

What happens if parts are lost or broken?

Oh no! Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you yet. If a STEMtrunk stops working, does not work when you receive it, has a broken part, or has any issues that cause it to behave abnormally, please fill out the “broken item” form that comes with your trunk! We do check each trunk for completeness and make sure it is in fully working condition¬†before being shipped, though, so you shouldn’t have any issues when receiving yours.

You will not be charged for normal wear and tear or the occasional loss of small parts such as individual LEGO bricks. Major damage caused by inappropriate usage, water damage, traumatic breakage (dropping, throwing, etc), or loss of major components will be subject to damage costs up to the full MSRP of the trunk.