In fact… we are a little sad that we actually have to say that, but the rampant anti-science sentiment that has made its way around the country is of major concern for us. We believe our children should be well educated in the sciences. We believe that critical thinking is a vital skill that should be promoted more in schools. We believe in questioning the status quo and using the scientific method to solving problems.

Because of that – we decided to sponsor booths last weekend at the San Francisco and Sacramento March for Science, and get STEMtrunk in front of some like minded individuals to see what they thought of our new idea. I have to admit… we were a bit nervous! The Science March represented our first public display of STEMtrunk and we needed to gauge public opinion.  I guess you could say it was our own little science experiment!

The STEMtrunk booth at the SF Science March before people showed up and things got insane!

We brought some of our favorite kits including the Dash & Dot robots, Rolling Spider, Sphero SPRK+ and the engineering marvel that is the K’Nex Ferris Wheel. We also brought out some of our Hot Wheels Education kits which the younger kids loved, and some extra bins of LEGO bricks because, well… who doesn’t love LEGO?

The result? A HUGE success! Hundreds of people came by and expressed interest, and we made friends with some great partners like Camp EDMO a great STEM focused camp program for any of you in California.

THANK YOU SO MUCH  to everybody who came by, spoke with us, and signed up to our mailing list! It was an extreme pleasure to talk to everyone about we we’re trying to do, which is promoting science education (along with technology, engineering, and mathematics, of course).

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