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Making with magnets!

The Cubelets STEMtrunk

Cubelets are robot blocks that make it fast and easy to engage children as young as four in learning by building robots. There’s no wrong way to build with Cubelets, so it is remarkably easy to transform these blocks into brilliant bundles of robotic curiosity. You don’t need to know how to code or wire to construct robots with Cubelets–just snap the robot blocks together and the magnetic faces do the rest! Every unique arrangement is a new robot with novel behaviors emerging from their construction.

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Credits Per Trunk: 4

Recommended Grade Levels: K – 8

Retail Value: $300

What’s Included:

  • 12 Robot Blocks, including:

    • 2 Drive blocks
    • 1 Rotate block
    • 1 Flashlight block
    • 2 Distance blocks
    • 1 Brightness block
    • 1 Inverse block
    • 1 Passive block
    • 1 Blocker block
    • 1 Battery block
    • 1 Bluetooth block

  • 2 brick adapters (for LEGO!)

  • USB charging cable


For additional functionality, you’ll need an iOS/Android device with the Cubelets app installed. To program Cubelets, you’ll need to download Cubelets Blockly onto a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Cubelets App:


Cubelets Blockly:

Cubelets Blockly How-To