Droid Inventor Kit

by littleBits

Create and control your own Droid!

The Droid Inventor Kit STEMtrunk

Kids can create their own Droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks! With the Droid Inventor app, they’ll give their Droid new abilities and take it on 16+ missions. Your Droid is fully customizable, expandable, and reusable. Experiment!

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Credits Per Trunk: 2

Recommended Grade Levels: 3-8

Retail Value: $100

What’s Included:

  • 1 Control Hub Bit

  • 1 Power Bit

  • 1 Servo Bit

  • 1 DC Motor Bit

  • 1 Proximity Sensor Bit

  • 1 Wire Bit

  • 20 Droid parts

  • 3 wheels

  • 1 battery + cable

  • 1 sticker sheet


Droid Inventor Kit requires an iOS/Android device with the Droid Inventor app installed.

► iOS

► Android