DUPLO Early Simple Machines


Introduce your child to simple mechanics!

The DUPLO Early Simple Machines STEMtrunk

Gears! Levers! Pulleys! Wheels! Axles! This is the perfect starter set for introducing science and design technology concepts to your younger kids. They’ll explore how familiar objects work and learn about mechanical principles, as well as learn about energy, balance, buoyancy, and much more!

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Credits Per Trunk: 2

Recommended Grade Levels: K-3

Retail Value: $150

What’s Included:

  • 102 LEGO DUPLO Bricks

  • Full color instruction booklet


DUPLO Early Simple Machines is ready to be put together, right out of the box! Nothing else is required. If you would like to teach your child further than anything they might be able to do on their own, here is a downloadable activity pack for Early Simple Machines. It includes 16 full lessons for kindergarteners and first-graders.

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