Edison V2.0 Robot

by Microbric

LEGO Compatible Educational Robot

The Edison V2.0 Robot STEMtrunk

The Edison V2.0 Robot is an all-in-one solution for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics. Edison is smarter than your average robot! For the youngest of the family, learn to program with the easy to use EdBlocks. When they’re ready to move on, the next step is EdWare. For the advanced users, Edison has its own text-based custom language, EdPy! Edison can respond to light and sound, follow lines and avoid obstacles, read barcode programs, respond to TV/DVD remote controls, and so much more. Did we mention it’s LEGO-compatible?

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Credits Per Trunk: 1

Recommended Grade Levels: K-8

Retail Value: $49

What’s Included:

  • 1 Edison robot

  • 1 EdComm programming cable


In order to program the Edison V2.0 Robot, you could use the browser-based EdBlocks, or if you want to get a little more in-depth you can install the EdWare application on your computer or device.

► Browser-based
► Windows

► Linux
► iOS
► Android