DIY Gamer Kit (Pre-soldered)

by Technology Will Save Us

Put together your own Arduino powered hand-held gaming console!

The DIY Gamer STEMtrunk

Build your own hand-held video game console, then write the code to make your own games! Press, snap, bolt, clip, and stick parts together – no soldering required. Dive into the code of classic games like Snake, Tetris and Flappy Bird – and learn how they are made before creating your own unique game!

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Credits Per Trunk: 2

Recommended Grade Levels: 6-8

Retail Value: $135

What’s Included:

  • Arduino Uno & control chips

  • LED matrix screen

  • USB cable

  • Acrylic case & lanyard

  • Nuts, bolts, & spacers


The DIY Gamer Kit requires a computer with the free Arduino software installed.

Full Guide and Manual (Select Ready-soldered!) 
► Arduino Software
► Gamer Library
► Gamer IR (Infrared) Library
► Arduino Cheat Sheet