Gizmos & Gadgets

by littleBits

Electronic building blocks!

The Gizmos and Gadgets STEMtrunk

These color coded magnetic building blocks let kids’ imaginations fly! They can be used to create remote control cars, paper creatures that can move on their own, or whatever your students’ imaginations can come up with. All of this without the worry of wires, soldering, or programming.

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Credits Per Trunk: 3

Recommended Grade Levels: 3-8

Retail Value: $200

What’s Included:

Each STEMtrunk will include

  • 15 bits

  • 48 accessories

  • Bargraph

  • DC motor

  • Buzzer

  • Fan


No additional equipment needed, Gizmos & Gadgets is ready to go right out of the trunk! You can download the littleBits Invent app to keep an inventory of all your Bits and get invention ideas, though.

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