by Tactiles

It’s not just a cool toy, it’s an electricity teacher and playmate.

The IQube STEMtrunk

The IQube teaches your child how actual circuits work! It’s a well-designed, app-powered, hands-on educational toy that makes learning electricity fun and simple. Using magnetically snapping circuit cubes combined with the IQube app, it acts as your child’s own private tutor, teaching and challenging them at their own pace. The lessons are meticulously designed, arranged, and tested by world-class circuits teachers and engineers. The IQube app guides students through every step, providing challenges for each lesson. 100 projects included!

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Credits Per Trunk: 3

Recommended Grade Levels: 3+

Retail Value: $199

What’s Included:

  • 1 Power Cube

  • 3 Ground Cubes

  • 4 Wire Cubes

  • 1 Switch Cube

  • 1 Push Button Cube

  • USB cable

  • 1 DC Fan

  • 1 Terminal Clip


IQube requires either an iOS device/Mac/PC with the Tactiles: IQube app installed.