Kano Computer Kit

by Kano

Build, learn, and play with Kano!

The Kano Computer STEMtrunk

Kano is the first computer anyone can make! No tools required, simply follow the instructions and snap the parts together like LEGO bricks and you have a computer running popular programs like Minecraft, Pong, and Scratch. Kano introduces you to basic programming languages through fun challenges that use simple code blocks, typed code, and Linux commands. Kids learn real code: Python – great for web development, and Javascript – for creating websites, games, and apps.

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Credits Per Trunk: 3

Recommended Grade Levels: 2-8

Retail Value: $150

What’s Included:

  • 1 Kano Computer Kit

  • Wireless keyboard & touchpad

  • Raspberry Pi 3 “Brain”

  • Speaker build

  • HDMI cable & 8GB SD card

  • Power supply & micro USB


Building the Kano computer kit requires access to a monitor with an HDMI input. HDMI cable is included in the kit.