LeapStart Interactive Learning System

by LeapFrog

Build tomorrow’s skills today in new ways.

The LeapStart STEMtrunk

Get your child excited about problem solving, critical thinking, and more through fun replayable activities. The magic behind LeapStart is a stylus that reads invisible dots on every page, triggering questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more.

While LeapStart has many activity books to choose from, we’re including the three pertaining to science, technology, engineering, and math: STEM (with Problem Solving), Spy Math (with Critical Thinking), and Space Science (with Thinking Like a Scientist).

Get STEMtrunk

Credits Per Trunk: 1

Recommended Grade Levels: K-2

Retail Value: $84

What’s Included:

  • LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System

  • Activity Book: STEM – Problem Solving

  • Activity Book: Spy Math – Critical Thinking

  • Activity Book: Space Science – Thinking Like a Scientist


LeapStart only requires you to use the activity books. Fortunately, all the ones you’ll need come with this trunk!